Best Sex Games for Couples

Fantasy Bowl

To play this game, each person should write down 5 dark fantasies they have kept to themselves for years, fold them up, and then drop them inside a bowl. Shuffle the papers then pick one. Discuss them together without necessarily focusing on having sex.

Turn the lights off and get under sheets to discuss why you like the sexual fantasy. Talk about what stimulates you and while your partner describes the fantasy, pay attention to them while running hands on their body. Both of you will be turned on before you realize it when playing this game.

Role Playing

This is a fun sex game for couples no matter what character you opt to play. For instance, a man can play the role of a doctor while a girl plays the role of a patient that visits a doctor. Your partner can lied down on a bed fully clothed as the doctor examines her. Come up with an excuse for touching and undressing the patient. Using blindfolds will make the whole experience feel and look more real. To bring more fun into the game, use characters that arouse you.

Dirty Would-You-Rather Questions

This sex game for couples entails asking each other dirty questions. When starting, you might have an awkward feeling. However, your eyes will be full of lust after asking each other a few questions. Actually, you might not think about sex when starting. However, you will be surprised to find yourselves making love after a few minutes.